Is everything in Science just a theory?

The scientific method has been one of the best tools for understanding the Universe we live in since the 17th century. Darwin's Theory of Evolution, Einstein's Theory of Relativity, The Germ Theory of Disease, The Big Bang Theory are some of the examples of science's greatest breakthroughs and achievements which helped us understand Nature much … Continue reading Is everything in Science just a theory?

‘The God Particle’ and why you should not be calling it that.

We humans have a funny way of naming things, especially when it comes to the world of astrophysics. Subatomic particles called quarks are classified into 'flavors' when they cannot be tasted at all. The process of falling into a black hole that causes an object to be stretched in a particular direction due to the … Continue reading ‘The God Particle’ and why you should not be calling it that.


Mercury is the smallest and the innermost planet in our Solar System. Being the closest to the Sun, it is a dry and desolate world. Yet, this planet has intrigued astronomers for centuries and in the recent years, missions sent to explore it have revealed that the planet is far from boring. Orbiting at a … Continue reading Mercury


Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are? For ages humanity has looked up at the night sky only to wonder about those thousands of little points of light that decorate it. What are they? Can we get to them? Are they gods? Are they the dead? These are some of the questions … Continue reading Stars